Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Random Musings

So, stephen harper convened a summit with leaders from Canada's First Nations communities in order to be able to insult them and ignore them.

Here's SOME of the insulting stuff:

Phillip said the prime minister basically told chiefs that he couldn’t just focus on their issues because he had to run the country.

“He did make a point of saying basically that, as the prime minister of Canada, he had many, many other issues. He talked about the great responsibility and many interests on this ‘great ship of state’ as he described the country,” said Phillip. “Quite astonishingly…at the very end he was recommending we go home and talk to our MPs.”

Here's the results of the ignoring stuff:

And Michelle Audette, president of Quebec Native Women, issued a stark warning about the violence in many aboriginal communities, a topic she said that was once taboo and off limits.

“Look how we are dying in our community. And it’s going to get really worse if it doesn’t change here, really worse,” she said.

“The family violence is epidemic, the sexual abuse is epidemic, it’s everywhere. The suicide rate, the drugs. It is everywhere. How come we have to live that way?”

Last month, the United Nations committee to eliminate discrimination against women contacted the federal government to say it is interested in investigating the disappearance or murders of nearly 600 aboriginal women and girls across Canada.

harper is scum. He is a loathsome villain. He is the most detestable racist. This is a tragedy. A HUMAN TRAGEDY. And of course, former ignorer of the First Nations, Paul Martin Jr., is moved to all sorts of empty rhetoric about harper's scuzziness which I will do no more than refer to since the sad joke of Martin's soaring rhetoric and sniveling action has pretty much played itself out.

About the harpercon spin job that opposition to the Enbridge Toxic Sludge Pipeline are all US puppets, the reply should be: "Shut the fuck up." Pack Ezra Levant on a plane to Iraq and make him look for the WMDs. Then send him to Syria as a one-man prison inspection team. This is a bullshit smear and it's laughable given harper's own craven subservience to US oil and health insurance fraudsters and arms dealers. There is nothing to debate because harper and his team are stupid, lying pieces of shit.

Apparently, safe in the booth at 640 am Moron Radio, Rob Ford was feeling a might testy. It's probably because the higher quantities of fruit he's eating in an attempt to lose weight caused him to unload a big soft ice-cream smoothie of his own toxic sludge into his big baby diapers just before the show began. As it all started to get cold and tacky and cause a painful rash, Ford began to spew about how everyone to the left of him on Toronto City Council are quasi-Stalinists. Very well then. Rob (pathetic coward) Ford reminds me of Julius Streicher.


Owen Gray said...

These folks have made a career out of shifting blame. Martin is right about one thing: The Harper government has wasted six years.

sailsmart said...

Quote from Sun:
"Our government has no grand scheme to repeal or unilaterally rewrite the Indian Act," Harper said. "After 136 years, that tree has deep roots. Blowing up the stump would leave a big hole."

The prime minister says the government will focus on modernizing the act to create "real change." The Tories say they have introduced legislation to give additional powers to those living on reserves, including more say in how elections are conducted.

The First Nations Elections Act, for example, proposes extending the length of office terms for chiefs and band-council members to four years from two. It has completed first reading in the Senate.

First Harper says one thing, then reverses it, then has already changed the legislation of voting unilaterally. Chiefs will be for 4 years not 2.

Main problem as I can see is that government does as it sees fit w/o consultation. Then incrementally chips away at all the cornerstones it can find for a weakness. It will use austerity to punish until you fold, cede land to passage of the pipe, give you a few million and then charge you for fishing, hunting and purified water.

thwap said...


Most of those conditions persisted throughout decades of Liberal rule. I think Martin was more interested in his legacy than in anything else.

thwap said...


It's completely unilateral. And knowing harper, terribly sinister.

I can't imagine what process created such a shallow, arrogant creature.