Sunday, September 2, 2012


Having immersed myself in the brain-dead culture of right-wing whining and crying for about a week, I realize the extent of their insanity with some more precision.

In their world (as I last posted) their is no robocall scandal. Nothing happened. We (leftards) made it all up. There is literally nothing to investigate. Which would go a long way to explain why Elections Canada isn't investigating anything!

Mental and moral defective "Fred from BC" likes to post in Saskboy's comments section that not one person has come forward to say they actually didn't vote because of having been sent on a wild goose chase (by a mysterious caller who broke the law by deliberately lying about moving polling stations). Of course:
Nobody has said that they were prevented from voting by fraudulent or misdirecting calls during the election, although Elections Canada officials reported in court documents that angry voters in Guelph tore up their voter cards in when they discovered that they had been tricked.
And, then there's statistical evidence:
I show that those polling stations with predominantly nonconservative voters experienced a decline in voter turnout from 2008 to 2011, and that this effect was larger in ridings that were allegedly targeted by the fraudulent phone calls.
But here's the thing: These right-wing fucks believe that all the complaints are from Liberal and NDP hacks. Despite the FACT that these illegal calls were made, the complaints about them are all bogus. (Just try to wrap your head around that particular piece of insanity.) If a poll were conducted asking people if anyone didn't vote as a result of these (illegal) calls, and it was reported that any number of voters were successfully discouraged, the "conservatives" would simply declare that the poll respondents were all Liberal or NDP or Green or some other variant of "leftard" lying for the sake of attacking the harpercons.

Heads they win, tails we lose. Except nobody gives a shit what these right-wing liars and assholes and thieves and morons think about anything. Just shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of the way you dirty-diapered scum.


Purple library guy said...

The phone calls happened but had no effect? That's their defence?

So, their position is that the Conservatives were trying to defraud people of their vote, spent a bunch of money and time doing it, but are so utterly incompetent that they failed to actually stop a single person from voting. And so it's OK, no successful harm no foul.

. . . So they agree the Cons are vicious, antidemocratic creeps, they just argue that they're completely useless morons whose plans fail completely after wasting lots of money. And . . . these are the people they want running the country.

thwap said...


It's difficult to grasp the intricacies of their various insane delusions, so I don't blame you for being confused.

As I understand it, they acknowledge that SOMEONE was making these calls. In the backs of their minds, they know or fear that it was their team who made these calls. But they refuse to admit to their own consciousnesses or to anyone else, that it could have been their team. So, they are left with the bizarre situation where they vaguely acknowledge the reality of the calls, but profess ignorance as to their source, but deride all calls for an investigation because the NDP and Liberals would [somehow] stand to benefit from the investigation.

And then they equate a Liberal robocall that was unidentified as being the same thing as the electoral fraud calls and blame it all on the Liberals.

Is that clearer?

thwap said...


Right. They had no effect. That's true. They believe that they had no effect. Somebody broke the law, but since they don't have concrete proof that anybody didn't vote because of it, they believe there was no crime.

Or something like that. I've been drinking since I posted that.

Regardless, I think we both agree that they're contemptible and bat-shit crazy.