Friday, December 6, 2013

A Little Observation About This Rob Ford Nonsense

So, the radio's going at work. Talk radio. Some guy, John Oakley, who, it seems, has his tongue so far up Rob Ford's ass-crack that he can almost reach the hole, is conducting yet another attempt at a defense of his hero. He has Ford's lawyer on, letting the guy talk about how his client is being tried in the media.

Time for the callers. And this one right-wing, whining baby, starts going on about how Ford's predicament is the intended product of a deliberate campaign of left-wing intimidation and smears. You just better believe that all those leftist politicians are just as dirty as his hero, Rob Ford, and the right-wing has got to learn how to play rough, the way the left does, and start looking for the dirt on all those Laytons and Vaughns and whoever.

Sure. Not surprising. Not remarkable. But let the significance of this guy's insanity sink in.

Supposedly, David Miller was likewise getting wasted with criminals back in the day, but the right-wing was too decent, too gentlemanly, to go after him for it. You see, the right-wing is all about the policies; the cut and thrust of competing ideas. Character assassination, or the airing of dirty laundry, are not their sort of politics.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Yes. All about the policy. Except for the fact that Ford is an ignoramus and an incompetent, and that "Ford Nation" has less than zero knowledge of the city's financial situation, the costs of government services, zero grasp of logic, and zero grasp of what Rob Ford actually does (Etobicoke supporters of Rob and Doug were shown to be completely ignorant of the brothers' attempts to close a much-utilized community centre). They also have zero in the way of intellectual or moral consistency.

You will notice that there are numerous right-wing and centre-right councillors at Toronto City Hall. None of them were despised to the extent Rob Ford was both before and after becoming mayor. That's because none of them were as obnoxious and ignorant as Ford was and is. It's that simple folks.

But seriously, ... this is a left-wing conspiracy? What part? Where did it begin? When Ford (for whatever drunken-stupor reason) first decided to consort with the gangsters he said he had zero tolerance for? Were the gangsters who documented his buffoonery part of this left-wing conspiracy? Is Chief Blair and the Toronto Police Service a part of this left-wing conspiracy? Was the US-based gossip website Gawker brought in as a ringer; part of an international conspiracy to bring Ford down? Was the Toronto Star's decision NOT to publish the stories about the crack videos their reporters saw part of the conspiracy?

Do you grasp how utterly insane one must be to see this as a left-wing plot?

But this is the thing about these people: They're so stupid, that their thought patterns come out looking like insanity.

They don't even notice their own hypocrisy. Leaving aside Ford's miserable failure as a financial manager, let's look at his management of his office. Ford loyalists receive plum positions and salaries higher than the prevailing rate. It seems they don't have to do much in the way of work for the city to get these salaries. Lower-level staffers are paid on the city's dime to run personal errands for Ford. But Ford Nation, who were so up in arms about a councilor buying a bunny suit with her office budget so that she could walk in a parade, or who complained about Kyle Ray's publicly subsidized retirement party, care not a whit about Ford's personal extravagances. They don't even care that their hero is out getting wasted most days and nights. They justify this indifference by pointing to his fiscal prudence, so I guess we do have to talk about it. It doesn't exist. Ford is an incompetent and a liar. His fiscal management skills exist only in the imaginations of his deluded fan-base. So there's really no excuse they can have for their indifference to his laziness and wastrel ways.

 "They all do it!" shout the right-wingers when they can no longer deny their politicians' failure and corruption. These are the people who rail about government waste and corruption louder than anyone else. When their team (of incompetent scum-bags) invariably end up being the dirtiest, smelliest, scuzziest politicians around, their response is to degrade our political culture even further by hypocritically, and falsely, insisting that all politicians are the same.

No my friends; Rob Ford is the only mayor of Toronto to have ever hung out at crack houses doing drugs with gangsters. I'm depressed that that even needs to be said. But that's where these cretins have taken us, isn't it?

Oakley thanked the caller, but I suspect he wasn't convinced. Either that or he had his own insanity to blurt out and couldn't wait to get to it. No, Oakley's focus was about the rule of law, and how Ford, who has lied throughout this whole sorry affair, and who has been photographed with the gangsters, video'd doing drugs with the gangsters, and who lied for months about his knowledge about the video, isn't getting a fair shake in the media and is being tried in the court of public opinion with all this errant speculation that his desperate attempts to get the video might have something to do with the murder of one of the gangsters in the photograph and the shooting of one of the others. Such speculation is irresponsible, and more importantly, very chilling. If you condemn people without a trial, well, that's just like the Soviet gulag.

That's right. Public speculation about Ford's criminality is akin to Stalinism.

As I said; so stupid they're insane.


Owen Gray said...

Ford Nation is angry, thwap. But it's not smart. And we are all paying for their stupidity.

thwap said...

Hi Owen,

Some of them have brains. But they're ignorant about a lot of stuff. And blind to their hypocrisy.