Friday, December 13, 2013

Canada Post

Basically we've got tens of billions to waste on fighter-jets and 3 billion to simply lose on public safety, but Canada Post has to cancel home delivery to save us money. So says Canada Post management and the think-tank that CP's prez is connected to.

It's also a good idea to eliminate 8,000 decent jobs and raise user fees during a recession.

These people are fucking morons.


Anonymous said...

Why not just scale back delivery to match the decline in usage? Wouldn't twice weekly delivery save about the right amount and then some? DOH! What am I thinking - that wouldn't help to break a union.

bcwaterboy said...

Not a day goes by it seems that stable well paying jobs are exported from Canada, and without a clear strategy to stop this bleeding, there is no end in sight. For a government that touts itself as gatekeepers of the economy and job creation, this is the ultimate fail. Adding to the misery in the public sector is nothing short of insane. Even through attrition 8000 jobs gone (with close to zero chance of replacement) is pretty damn significant.