Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: Will the Left Pull Their Heads Out of Their Asses?

Will leftists finally figure out that an afternoon's protest isn't worth the energy that goes into organizing it?

Will leftists finally figure out that if they believe that the government is comprised of psychopathic, inhuman murderers, then peaceful protest is useless?

Will leftists finally figure out that if the state is a conglomeration of power-mad psychotic, inhuman, selfish murderers, armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry and forewarned by a massive surveillance network, ... that smashing a few windows isn't going to do shit against it?

Will leftists finally clue in to the fact that their removing their marginal, insignificant contributions from the system isn't going to impact anything other than (probably) negatively impact their own quality of life?

I advocate something between gullible belief in the system and radical rejection of the system (in favour of nothing at all or some idiotic "anarchist" lifestyle). At the moment my ire is directed to the navel-gazing "radicals" who pompously pronounce how the whole system is rotten, but whose rejection of the entire system is really nothing more than petulance. The vast majority of the population, the society in which they live, believes in the system in some form or other. These "radicals" seem incapable of raising their heads above their tiny social circles to notice how marginal and insignificant they are. They have  brains though. They have good analysis. But it needs to be tempered by reality. It needs to be tempered by the goddamned inescapable fact that the vast majority of people disagree with them. It needs to be informed by some sort of testing against fucking reality. WORK WITH REALITY, don't ignore it because it's inconvenient.

But my anger can as easily be directed to those dullards, plodders and sell-outs within the NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada (especially the latter), who deny the horror of the system and propagate more of the same filth. Canadian Liberals are not quite as bad as the deluded, blood-soaked, corrupted, lazy, arrogant US Democrats, but they're awful fucking close. Just as there are about 5 semi-decent Democrats amongst the 200 or so Democratic legislators, so too are there a few decent Liberals, elected by generally decent people. That the NDP under the conniving Mulcair wants to transform itself into the Second-Coming of the Liberal Party is even more craven and disgusting and depressing.

I no longer have much bile against apolitical types. They've done more to build lives for themselves than I did with my "activism" and ideals. And who can blame them for not dumping harper when it was OUR RESPONSIBILITY to lead the way in that regard? WE FAILED, not them.


Owen Gray said...

It's true -- up to this point, at least. We have failed, thwap.

But we still have time -- if we choose to use it.

thwap said...


To do what exactly?

P.S. To All:

I deleted a comment by an anonymous troll. I will say here that said troll turned out to be right when it said that nothing would be done against harper because the Left is nothing but talk.

I'll continue to delete said troll's attempts because what the troll should be doing instead of gloating is to defend itself.

Unless the troll wants to be targeted, spied upon, robbed, left destitute and tortured by a left-wing government that doesn't bother to account for itself to the majority in Parliament, the troll should be worried by harper's precedents.

I'm more convinced that the troll is an enemy of democracy. I think I would even post the troll's comments as an enemy of democracy if the troll were intelligent; but it is not, so banned it is.

Purple library guy said...

In answer to your question, old bean, my answer would be


Sad but likely.

thwap said...


Sigh. You're probably right.

Anonymous said...

Not to necessarily pick on any one segment of our electoral spectrum, but I have said and will keep saying into the future that unless we start supporting more people like the people at Shit Harper Did and the like, we will keep seeing the younger generations of Canada sit on their asses and not vote and wander around wearing little red rags, then whine some more about how bad things are; how bad harpie is; what a nasty man frod (pronounced fraud) is ad infinitum. If the immense power of the voting populace can't see its own potential in actually doing something about this huge problem we have (remember: only about 37% of eligible voters voted in the last Fed election), we will most certainly see the results being what I have gleaned about your troll's comments become/stay reality here in Canada for a very long time, much as that thought nauseates me.
Happy New Year anyway, Thwap.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what you're getting at. You attack the left but you don't really offer any solutions of your own. maybe that's because you think the whole thing is hopeless, but why not just say that instead of attacking everyone under the sun?