Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Revolution - the ONLY Solution

There's just no other way. We cannot "reform" capitalism. At least not in the way that US Democrats, Canadian Liberals and "social democrat" NDPr's want to do it. They want painless reform, ... as in reform that doesn't anger the powerful. It can't happen. It's their mewling "vision" of compassion and social justice that's produced this sorry state.

The root of all the terrorism and war and most of the problems in the world is human greed. The movement of liberal democracy produced substantial benefits to many people since the 16th Century. But liberal capitalism grew along with it, and while it too produced many benefits, it also produced a lot of misery and its time has passed. It has now metastasized and is devouring its host, liberal capitalism. That and it's put humanity on a suicidal trajectory.

We need an eco-rational economy. We need to destroy social inequality. We need rational, fact-based politics, not the capitalist-sponsored abominations of Barack Obama, george w. bush, stephen harper and Rob Ford. To achieve this, we must have a revolution. A democratic, mass-based revolution. One that builds on the quasi-democracy and set of rights that we now have. We must fight to rollback government incursions against this democracy and these rights. What we should not do is pursue the shit-head strategy of certain anarchist radicals, or Marxist radicals, or any sort of radical who believes that the hard-won agency and autonomy ordinary people enjoy is utter bullshit and that we should reject everything entirely and retreat into individual insignificance. (This pointless and petty refusal was called "Going Galt" [as in John Galt, as in Ayn Rand's tedious novel] when right-wing idiots responded to Democratic Party victories in the United States, and it's called "human strike" by marginal, unimportant anarchist thinkers on the left.

We need to think and act big and in accordance with forces as they actually exist.

There is no other way.

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