Monday, December 16, 2013

Soldiers's Suicides: Too Little, Too Late

So retired general Rick  Hillier is calling for action, a public inquiry, a Royal Commission, something, into the recent spate of soldier suicides, and, as well, he offers qualified criticism of the harpercons' Veterans Charter:
The other area Hillier pointed to for improvement was the new Veterans Charter, in particular the part of the charter that replaced a pension for life or payment system with lump-sum awards and allowances.
"Many of us, certainly, almost all of us, agree that the charter is now lacking," he said.
He said the system now does not provide ill and injured veterans with the support they will need throughout their lives. And it does not go far enough to make sure they are properly taken care of for their entire life.
Too little, too late Mr. Hillier. You, more than anyone else, are responsible for our troops being sent to the hotly-contested Kandahar Province. And the time to have spoken out against the harpercons' symbol of their obvious cynicism and hypocrisy was before their bullshit Veterans' Charter became law.

[Just to point out: As progressives have called for social-economic policies to give young men a greater range of choices than unemployment, poverty wages or crime, whereas "conservatives" say they have "zero tolerance" for crime and advocate locking them up, only to end up smoking crack with them on a regular basis, ... so too do progressives despise war while still calling for decent conditions for ordinary soldiers as long as they exist, whereas "conservatives" make all kinds of ceremonial bows to the greatness of the military, only to repeatedly cast them aside like trash should they become wounded or otherwise useless.]

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