Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rob Ford and the Murder of Anthony Smith

For the record: The alcoholic, hypocrite, incompetent, infamous shameless buffoon has insinuated that a Toronto Star reporter is a pedophile. The Star is talking with its lawyers. Because unlike Rob Ford, who knew there was a video of him smoking crack, the Star might actually sue when someone defames one of their own.

Just wanted to point out that, as far as a Rosie DiManno (Rosie DiMoron around here usually!) column says, the assertion that police transcripts attribute his murder to non-related gang violence is unaccompanied by the actual transcripts that would establish the truth of the matter.

Which means that it could be just as Ford staffers told police; Smith's murder was related to the crack video.


bcwaterboy said...

Not unlike most addictions Thwap, the addiction to stupid politicians must hit rock bottom before it improves. Despite how shocking Ford and harper's behaviour has been, the voting block that puts these thugs in office has not yet hit rock bottom. What that looks like I'm not sure but it is clear that men like this don't hesitate to throw supporters under the bus when they're finished with them.

Anonymous said...

and if the murder was related to the crack video and frod was desperate to get his hands on it and Smith knew anything about that, well then . . . I'm not sayin'; I'm just sayin' . . .

thwap said...

Rock bottom? Who knows how far down that is for such cretins. After the "hezza" allegations, even my boss was saying he should resign. (Even if he still sort of likes Ford.)

And re: Anthony Smith, ... so many questions. I hope nobody official is still protecting this piece-of-shit from his own destructive behaviour.