Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The thuggish RCMP officers who murdered Robert Dziekanski just can't help themselves. As I said, they killed a guy and now they're facing perjury charges for having lied their asses of in the subsequent inquiry. And, I mean, I've done and said some mean things in my time. I've been a complete asshole to some people. I still cringe inside about these lapses. I'd like to think, ... I'd really like to think that even if I was so callous, so lazy, so stupid, so ... well, whatever animated those assholes to murder Robert Dziekanski and then lie, lie, lie to cover themselves, ... if I was as rotten a human being as those guys are, that I'd at least have the fucking decency to accept being charged with perjury. You know? I'm a cop. I killed an innocent man for no reason. I lied about what happened. Video evidence shows that I lied. There was an inquiry about the murder of this innocent man. I lie my ass off there too. I lie so blatantly that I'm accused of perjury. I'll never serve a day in jail for having caused the death of an innocent man who came to my country to re-join his mother and maybe become a Canadian citizen. Do I at least have the minimum of shame to accept this single charge for all of my atrocious behaviour?

Nope. RCMP Constable Gerry Rundel and "retired" RCMP corporal Monty "Stop Me Before I Kill Again" Robinson" are protesting some procedural this-or-that having to do with who heard that they all got together to fix their stories before the inquiry.

Whatever happens, the main point is that these guys simply don't possess the most basic, faintest sense of human decency. It's no wonder that the RCMP is universally despised by the people of British Columbia. Most of their officers are complete scum. The dregs of humanity.

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