Sunday, April 20, 2014

harper putting Canadian lives behind profits, ... as usual

Lorne, over at Politics and its Discontents has the info from the Toronto Star:

Health Canada is keeping secret the vast majority of the drug reviews it conducts despite a clear promise from the federal minister to publish this critical safety information.

Only 24 of 152 drug reviews completed last year by Health Canada are being considered for public release, the Toronto Star has learned. The drug safety reviews that will be open to the public are those triggered by alarms raised by foreign regulators, medical or scientific literature or Health Canada’s routine monitoring activities.

This is par for the course from that pack of scum. (The party of departed saint Jim Flaherty.) Psychopaths. Idiots.

It works like this people; the longer you wallow in TOTAL defeatism, petty bickering, COMPLETE delusion, mental torpor, ... the more unaccountable, inhuman, exploitative, your governments become.

Even if, when one of them croaks, it turns out that these mass-murdering, thieving scum were really nice people when you got to know them. IF you got to know them. Which is never fucking likely.


liberalandlovingit said...

I'm not feeling much nuance in your 'total and complete' obliteration of all on the left.
Perhaps, you need to re-direct your fire.

The right wins, on lies, more often than we win on truth.
It has always been thus.
As a young child told me once- "you can't fix the world".

So, we work, find some joy, and take the wins we can.

thwap said...

Aside from the fact that I think we've been losing, and losing big, because of our faith in such vagaries, you might be on to something.

Check out that conversation on EnMasse that I linked to earlier. Total defeatism. The election deformation act is nothing to get excited about because it's all bullshit and they all beat us down and there's no point and blah, blah, blah-fucking-blah.

Complete delusion? 20 impoverished people freezing outside the Toronto Convention Centre, shouting "Our power is in the streets!"

If I don't write this stuff about the left's self-immersion in stupid bullshit, ... well the fact of the matter is, that that is the sort of stuff I think is important to write about.

I don't think there's anything to be gained by my tip-toeing around people's sensibilities. I'm actually pretty fucking sick of the multiple delusions of the left and the series of defeat these delusions have led us to.

liberalandlovingit said...

I know you're sick of it.
I passed that some time ago.
(Well, for the most part.)
My stake in it's different now.
It's ok to be a somewhat impartial
observer, I believe.
And to help out where and however
you can.

liberalandlovingit said...

I love your writing, but man,
do we digress at times.

thwap said...


liberalandlovingit said...

"the left's self-immersion in stupid bullshit" I disagree with.

The Right, is the WING of stupid.

"We have to stop being the party
of stupid!"- BJINDHAL- Republican,
soon after Obama's re-election.

I think I meant 'diverge'
when I said digress.
I may have meant both.

thwap said...

How does the right-wing's stupidity make the left immune to its own brand(s) of stupidity?

I assure you, there's plenty of stupidity on the left. It's not as if we're all super-geniuses thwarted only by brute force.

liberalandlovingit said...

Ok, now I do agree, I learn
all the time.

I'll be back after I think this

It has someting to do with
simple versus complicated,
wise versus learned.