Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Don't Forget How the harpercons Treated Veterans

The anti-democratic harpercon base had one day to bray like jackasses about how Elections Canada threw in the towel on the 2011 election fraud scandal before they had to regroup and spew the talking points defending Jason Kenney's Cheap Foreign Worker Program scandal.

I'm sure it's not easy being so loathsome and revolting.

But keep up the pressure. When the next election comes, don't forget to make the harpercons' abysmal, appalling and screechingly hypocritical abuse of veterans a major issue.


the salamander said...

.. the list of failure, deceit, obstruction, malice, incompetence, fraud, delay, opacity, vindictiveness, shrillness, mendacity, pompousness, ignorance & omnipotence is staggering, real, reckless and despicable..

Under each of those Harper Party 'values' (and I've missed many) are the specific mandates, trusts, legislations & acts that have been twisted or ignored or litigated against in our courts, on our dime, by thousands upon thousands of salaried or 'outside' law firms and lawyers.. and defended & assaulted as needed, by spokeswanks, cranks, MP's and ennobled entitled consultants with titanic contracts

Yes.. our 'treatment' of military vets is one of the scalding failures of our mealy mouthed cowards, whether elected or unelected.. the pond scum marching to Rapture, Pensions or Payoffs under the limp Royal Harper banner.. and thanks Jim Flaherty for your unswerving allegiance to the puffery of mr S Harper.. and you too Nigel .. Pamela, Bruce Carson, Tom Flanagan, Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne and Arthur Hamilton .. Hall of Shame for you buzzards & disgraceful Canadian sellouts & scavengers

One of the classic lipsticked Harper pigs must be J Kenney..
Who really knows what drives this delusional 'Minister'
Just another crackpot in the mold of Toews or Fantino or Gail Shea or Joe Oliver.. or Peter 'Poison the Wolves' Kent ..?

We have the classic distraction now in dancing democratic dandy Pierre Poilievre flogging Stevie's 'Fair' smallpox blanket election Act .. the glib smug pretender.. sniffing around Stevie's throne & carefully watching James Moore pissing at the edges already..

Tony Clement ? Unelectable, McKay equally unelectable .. the farm system is sterile .. just the way S Harper likes it.. and radioactive.. TOXIC .. to veterans, Canadians or examination .. or reality

thwap said...

Apparently the latest thing (from Owen at Northern Reflections) is the harpercons are having a corporate-funded support the troops event, and a big feature is a private breakfast with the psychopathic dullard stephen harper himself!