Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lead Now's Petition

So, not too long ago, "Lead Now" delivered copies of a petition with 80,000 signatures protesting the "Fair Elections Act" to Conservative MPs. 80,000 signatures! In a country with millions of voters. Pathetic.

And, obviously, delivering those petitions to those cowardly harpercon scum hasn't dramatically realigned the balance-of-power in this country. This was a token demonstration. It wasn't really intended to change things was it? It was a pathetic way for what is essentially an NDP-backed group inform the ruling party that some people disagree with them. Well, guess what LeadNow? The harpercons already know that people disagree with them. They revel in that. They're true believers in their blinkered, imbecilic, incoherent worldview. These drooling idiots despise you. The lowest of them (the back-benchers) can't even register your disapproval. They can't see why anyone would disagree with the collection of insane ravings that constitutes their worldview. If their staffs thought about the pieces of paper that you handed to them, it was only for a few brief moments of incomprehension. The harpercon leadership on the other hand, ... they see your protests as the pathetic gasps of losers.

Somewhere, deep down in their animal natures, cretins like stephen harper and pierre poilievre grasp the nature of the disagreement against them. But they twist it up somehow. To sit one of these stupid fuckers down, Rob Ford, harper, Rumsfeld, Ezra Levant, ... and really find out how someone so bone-stupid can tie their shoes and wipe their ass and basically process reality, would be a real treat.

But one thing these monsters understand is power. They understand material reality. (To a degree.) To give them pause, to hurt them, you need power. And we don't have that.

I'd like to think that if the majority of Canadians could be made aware of how abominable it is that this party of scum is proposing this piece-of-shit legislation, that there would be riots in the streets. And that is what we need. Riots in the streets.

More later ...

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Anonymous said...

How do Canadians think Hitler gained control? They same way Harper is.

Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all dictators and control freaks. All dictator have very similar characteristics. They were paranoid about their safety. Harper's security bill has doubled.

Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper all lied, deceived, thieved, were corrupt, used dirty politics, dirty tactics and, all of them cheated to win.

However, Canadians are well known for, sleeping through absolutely everything. Harper can count on it.