Monday, April 21, 2014

The First Petition Didn't Accomplish Anything. Get Ready for Petition Number Two!

And if THAT doesn't convince them that we're serious, ... we'll organize a demonstration! And after that demonstration, we'll go home. And write some articles and ...


Anonymous said...

Canada is a cesspool of corruption. Especially since, Harper's so called majority.

Petitions don't work in a fascist dictatorship. Canada is no longer a democracy. However, don't try and wake anybody up.

Canadians are well known to sleep through, absolutely everything. Harper counts on it.

Besides which, the Royal Canadian Conservative Police are on the side, of the PMO. The PMO are permitted to aid and cover-up for a criminal, who thieved from the tax payers. They are also permitted to, sanitize thieving Senators expense claims.

The opposition is doing, what about the corruption of the, Harper CRAP government?

I am too old or else, I would lead the revolution.

liberalandlovingit said...

A group of people, some of whom I know Anon, are already on the main lines. And at the pipe-lines.

If the dil-bit brigade isn't shipped back in a year's time...

I could envision some stuff blowin' up reeeal good.

Remember Mr. Wiebe something, sorry, his name escapes me,
a man protecting his family and all of us, and standing his ground?
We have so many Canadian heroes,
to join with in our struggle.
They show us how to do it.
As soon as I can save up bus fare to The Danforth, an hour or so from here, I plan on meeting some
people on the main line- Napanee.

thwap said...

Yes. There are environmentalist heroes on the front-lines. Ordinary Canadians and First Nations.

I certainly don't begrudge them or their methods. I've even praised them from time-to-time. Both when they block roads or railways and cause genuine disruption to an evil status-quo, and in their demonstrations (which accompany their practical activism) such as when they hung that banner from the Peace Tower at the Parliament buildings.

I don't have the freedom of circumstances to go out to the woods for weeks or months at a time.

But another thing, is that my cause is civil rights and democracy. And I saw my role as mobilizing people to safeguard such things as freedom from torture, the maintenance of public accountability for government, free and fair elections, and etc.

Without those rights, we get what we're getting now: Governments free to arrest without charge and hold people indefinitely (and torture and assassinate them if US precedents come north), eco-protester branded as "terrorists" and subject to all the abuses listed above; the First Nations' treaties completely nullified and their homelands invaded and subjugated; collusion between the state "security" apparatus and corporate predators, and on and on ...

liberalandlovingit said...

FN knows what JHOFFA, bless his soul, knew/knows- how to shut down a nation.