Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reply to an Idiot

I've been too busy to be able to write a post about Elections Canada's recent admission of its utter uselessness. (I've also wanted to say something about how mindless it is to refer to the Ukraine Crisis as the return of the Cold War. It is a crisis and all the posturing and troop movements make it terrifyingly possible that there will be shooting. Reflexively calling it a "Cold War" lulls people into thinking that it will never get hot.)

It turns out that Saskboy was getting one of those occasional infestations of harpercon trolls, in this post. I decided to help push back with some suitably derisive comments about their behaviour, and one of the idiots responded by posting urls to SUN News, that they imagine put the leftard conspiracy theorists in their place.  I told the dunce that I don't even bother to click on links from sources as debased as SUN News, and the dunce responded with a slurry of hurt feelings and incoherent drivel.

I have decided to make my response to this loser my post for the day. Enjoy:

Stop whining. Seriously. I didn't even click on those links you half-wit. I tried to explain it to you as clearly as I can that some sources of opinion are too deluded and useless for normal, sane people to be bothered with.

Here's some facts that YOU idiots can't construct a coherent narrative for: There were THOUSANDS of complaints about misleading phone calls in HUNDREDS of ridings. Not just mis-directions to polling sites, but imposters claiming to be from the Conservative Party's rivals, harassing and insulting citizens.

It was found that the Conservative Party's CIMS database was being used to focus these calls. In the case of Guelph, Conservative Party campaign worker Michael Sona was clearly involved as was the computer (at least) of Conservative supporter Andrew Prescott.

The Conservative Party of Canada seemed curiously uninterested in finding out who else had stolen and was misusing their database. Despite claims that they were cooperating with the Elections Canada investigation, it appears they were doing anything but; cancelling meetings, refusing to give evidence. When the Council of Canadians fought their lawsuit to have election results overturned due to fraud (the source of the fraud not being important) the Conservative Party fought tooth and nail to have any discussion about whether fraud even occurred. (Strange behaviour for a party that should be outraged by the idea of nefarious outsiders stealing their proprietary software and using it to debase our electoral process.)

Those are the facts. Those are the facts that you anti-democratic scum have used stonewalling and corruption to avoid having to account for. And then you presume to throw some STUN News links my way, as if I have time to listen to their deluded hypocritical ravings?To hell with you. If I had my way, there would be a reckoning in this country and garbage such as you and the Conservative Party of Canada would be destroyed as a viable political option. Which is to say; your party leadership would be in prison for election fraud and any other crimes they've committed. The Party itself would be bankrupted by fines and lawsuits. And losers such as yourself would be reduced to isolated pockets of discredited, despised hypocritical morons.


Inse said...

Well said Thwap. It's a pity that your comments, and others of a similar ilk cannot get on to the main stream newspapers or the tv.

thwap said...

That was all part and parcel of the praising of the anti-democratic Jim Flaherty as having been some sort of statesman.

They're incapable of grasping the enormity of the crimes before them.