Sunday, August 2, 2015

Disagree With Mulcair's Latest on the Consortium Debates

To me, it had all been so perfect. harper was not going to the big televised debates because he's a gutless coward. The sort of shameless coward who, without a word to his colleagues, runs to hide in the closet when danger is near. Wait. Did I say "colleagues"? harper was supposed to be their "leader" in that situation. What a pathetic coward!

Mulcair, and all the other candidates had said they'd be going. Now, over (what?) a month later, Mulcair is now making noises about not attending unless harper does. harper is now transformed from the irrelevant coward to the vital ingredient.

Is this because Mulcair is now the front-runner and there's no question but that Trudeau would focus on him; that his main rival in Quebec, Duceppe would focus on him, and that Elizabeth May would likewise focus on him (being the Liberal Party's yappy little lap-dog after all)?

For what it's worth, this total Liberal hack says Mulcair is doing the right thing. So that makes me double-down on my negativity. (As if a Liberal would want what's best for the NDP!)

In other news, former Liberal (and now yappy little Liberal lap-dog fan) the Mound of Sound, has magnanimously decided to write cheques for Green Party of Canada (The ONLY moral choice for professed Canadian progressives) and the two petro-pimp/moral equivalence of pro-slavery parties, the NDP and the Liberals. The cheques include a $100 one for the Greens and $50 each for the Liberals and the NDP. Because; says this fellow who believes that supporters of the NDP and the Liberals are frauds, enemies of humanity, deluded scum, ... "our partisanship become so toxic that even opposition supporters can't help other opposition supporters and our country."

While announcing his noble putting humanity before petty partisanship, MoS further explains the strategy: "What if we all did that?  Every non-Conservative. Every supporter of any opposition party. If you're a Liberal send a hundo to the LPC, and a Mackenzie King to the NDP and the Greens.  And, so you Dippers don't get confused, that would be a Borden to the NDP, and a Mackenzie King to each of the Libs and Greens." (Emphasis added.)

Grow the fuck up.


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