Wednesday, August 5, 2015

harper GTA campaign stop

So, sniveling stephen "the coward" harper was in the GTA on a campaign stop, and the laughable psychopath was in a combative mood!
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper rolled into the Toronto region on Monday with a sharpened attack on his political rivals, charging that NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's ideology and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's inexperience would put Canada's economy and security at risk.
They were the same themes with which he launched his campaign on Sunday, but Harper a day later was stepping up his criticism of the Liberals and New Democrats as he levelled broadsides at the two political rivals trying to block a fourth straight win by the Conservatives.
Canadians face a "stark choice" in the Oct. 19 vote, Harper said during a campaign stop in Ajax Monday evening. 
A "stark choice" 'eh stoops? Mulcair's "ideology"??? Dude! Mulcair thought it was a good use of his time to remove the word "socialism" from the NDP's constitution! And what about YOUR ideology fuckwad? You know the one that says to let dirty, profit-minded railroad owners trash safety regulations and mine owners to ignore concerns about their tailing ponds and the idea that we should shut down coast guard stations while allowing tankers full of bitumen to sail off the British Columbia coast and your ideology that prefers to have heroin addicts die in streets and alleyways rather than manage their disease at safe-injection sites and your ideology that would condemn women to carry unwanted pregnancies or risk their health through illegal abortions or your ideology that honestly fucking believes we should back Israeli barbarism to the hilt so that it will bring on the Christian "end times" and, therefore, the second coming of the imaginary son o' god?

It's a sign of the sickness of our culture that someone as stark, raving mad as stephen harper, with his stark, raving mad belief system gets to give warnings about the ideology of some milquetoast like Tom Mulcair, and nobody laughs.

And Trudeau's "inexperience"?? It's common knowledge you've never held a real job in your life before politics; and it shows with your long record of failure. Your dad got you a job in the mail-room of the oil company he worked for. After that, you were off to the races writing right-wing separatist crap like your "firewall manifesto" and being the "president" of the jerkwad "National Citizens Coalition."

You're a joke harper. Nobody likes you because you're a stupid asshole.
"It's a choice with profound implications for our economy, for our families, for our security," he told party loyalists in a 35-minute stump speech at a local golf club. "It's a choice between risk and stability, between half-baked ideas and proven track record." 
Here's the thing stevie m'boy: You're a stupid asshole. You're a coward. If anyone ever sat you down and forced you to explain the drivel that passes for ideas in your head, and challenged you on your crude lies and stupidities, why, you'd run for the safety of the nearest closet if you weren't strapped to the chair. And even then, your innate lily-liveredness would make you try to take the chair with you.

I've spent hours trashing your shit-headed assertions about how you're defending Canadians' "security." Suffice to say, you haven't done shit except to make things less secure. You stupidly invent enemies to come after us. You invent enemies with the help of the racist incompetents at CSIS and the RCMP. You let trains of fuel tankers smash and burn their way through Quebec villages. Over and over and over again, you're a menace to Canadians' security.

Your economic policies destroy families. 

My problem is that I see harper as such a total idiot that I'm no longer capable of grasping how some people might see him as a worthwhile political choice. It makes me incapable of reading his babbling nonsense with any degree of empathy.

I wouldn't change that for the world though. It's terrifying to think of a state of mind where such a shit-stain of a human being has any sort of appeal.


Purple library guy said...

I totally read that GTA as "Grand Theft Auto" and thought "Well, I wouldn't put it past him but if Harper wants a car he can always get himself bribed with one or something".

thwap said...

I daresay that watching stephen harper playing "Grand Theft Auto" would provide terrifying insights into the man's soul.