Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We Aren't Going To Escape Into Space

We were designed to survive on this tiny island that exists in a vast ocean of deadly radiation, deadly cold, burning heat and nothingness. Supposedly there are stars or quasars or some damn things out there that could burst and wipe us all out anyway.

But if something out there doesn't kill us here on the Earth, it appears we'll probably do the job ourselves. And too many of us think that if we kill this planet's capacity to support human life, that somehow a small number of plucky individuals will be able to escape and humanity will survive among the stars.

That is impossible.

So "Stop Harper."


zoombats said...

Grok that!

thwap said...


It's pretty grokable.

David E said...

We are pretty much toast already.

If you haven't read Guy McPherson already then you need to read it now!!


Boris said...

I like to think that some future humans do manage to fold spacetime or something and venture toward some distant places. But yeah, we don't stand a chance of getting anywhere near trying if we don't let go of this feeble-minded tribalism that sets us in opposing camps, often armed, because of some old idea or other.

thwap said...

David E,

Yeah. The idea that we passed the tipping point a few years back dwells at the back of my mind. I'll check out your link.

thwap said...


It's the idea of the quick-fix, no, make that the quick-fix miracle, which informs so much of our magical thinking, that I find most annoying.

Somehow, it'll all work out, because of the power of prayer, or something.

Reality doesn't give a shit about their stupid prayers.