Sunday, August 30, 2015

The "harperman" Investigation

So, Tony Turner is a federal scientist of some sort. As a private citizen he wrote a song called "harperman." (I'm listening to it for the first time as I type.) Anyway, it's anti-harper. And it has nothing to do with his work as a federal scientist. He's being investigated.

Some lawyers are having a debate as to whether or not Turner's blatantly partisan performance is technically allowed, irrespective of the fact that stephen harper stole power through election fraud, is a war criminal, and a thug who rips up treaties and shows contempt for Parliament.
At issue is whether Turner violated the code of ethics that all public servants must adhere to — one that mandates they be impartial and non-partisan.
At the same time, the courts have upheld public servants' right to engage in political activity.
So how should public servants strike the balance between what's forbidden under the code and permitted by the courts?
It's a fair question. But as someone at the CBC comments section asked: Are the PMO scuzz-balls who were lying to Parliament and totally prepared to interfere with an official public audit of the Senate, ... are they acting in a partisan manner? What about the military personnel who tried to investigate critics of stupid Peter MacKay's habit of using Canadian Forces resources for his own personal use?

Are they going to be suspended and investigated?

If not, then shut the fuck up.


zoombats said...

It just keeps getting better (or worse) doesn't it?

thwap said...


Indeed. Next we'll have our own Donald Trump.

Wshful thinking dept: The progressives genuinely pressure PM Mulcair to change his policies on tar sands, israel and thatcherism.

He distracts from the heat by hauling the previous harpercon administration before a public inquiry (ies) into all their previous war crimes, election fraud, embezzlement scandals.