Saturday, August 29, 2015

Refugee Crises

It is shameful and appalling. The CIA and the House of Saud (together with the IMF, and other international institutions) foment wars and economic disasters in the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, ... and now, add global warming to the mix. Millions of refugees are created.

And the wealthiest countries in the world lock them out.
Between five and ten migrant children have been killed since February after the United States deported them back to Honduras, a morgue director told the Los Angeles Times. Lawmakers have yet to come up with best practices to deal with the waves of unaccompanied children apprehended by Border Patrol agents, but some politicians refute claims that children are fleeing violence and are opting instead to fund legislation that would fast-track their deportations.
Disgusting isn't it?
UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants François Crépeau described Europe's current response as a delusional way of trying to stop the influx.
"Building fences, using tear gas and other forms of violence against migrants and asylum seekers, detention, withholding access to basics such as shelter, food or water and using threatening language or hateful speech will not stop migrants from coming or trying to come to Europe," he said in a statement.
This is the degeneracy I was talking about yesterday. It's the reason why decent people need to give their heads a shake and figure out how the extreme right-wing managed to rise to political prominence in the White Settler Societies and in the White Settler Homeland of Europe.

Because if we don't take control, the ecological and human disasters are going to be even more monstrous than they are now.


Anonymous said...

As horrific as it is, get used to it, Thwap. "They" (people like the fabled 1%) want a 30% reduction in total world population so they can waste more natural resources on their own selfish whims without any of us "plebes" squawking about it and ruining their good time and this kind of shit is just the opening act. Those who are survivors out of the current 99% will be the slave-minded drones that will serve happily at their masters' feet. (see heil harper and his witless minions for verification of that phenomenon)
It's the new "golden rule": the guys with all the gold make all the rules....

thwap said...


It's not just the 1%. Every comfortable European or North American who blithely says how we're overpopulated and some people (others) will have to go, is just as complicit.