Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Election 2015: It's going to be a long bumpy ride

So, the anti-democratic criminal scum, economic incompetent, simpering coward, stephen harper has decided to try his luck by boring Canadians with an extended campaign that will also drain the coffers of all of his rivals, in order to make up for his massive unpopularity, his economic failure and the nauseating stink of his corruption?

And, clearly, the NDP and the Liberals still officially hate each other. And the Greens hate the NDP, and Gilles Duceppe has decided that a doomed attempt to resurrect the Bloc Quebecois is worth subjecting his fellow Quebeckers with five more years of Conservative misrule.

What a farce!

"Hold on a minute there thwap! You're one to talk! You've gone on record as hating the Liberal Party of Canada and wishing that it would die! And quite recently, you've been heckling your fellow progressive Mound of Sound for voting Green! Take the beam out of thine own eye!"

Few things:

1. Yes. I hate the Liberal Party of Canada and wish it would die. Search this site for evidence and reasons for that. But I have repeatedly said that harper is the greater threat, to the extent that for this election, in my riding, where the NDP is simply not in play, I shall volunteer for the Liberal candidate to defeat the harpercon incumbent (the cretinous John Carmichael). And I'll vote for said Liberal, obviously.

2. I haven't attacked MoS for voting Green. I attacked him for equating voting NDP or Liberal with being the equivalent of backing a pro-slavery party in the 19th Century. I took offense at his claims that only Green voters were friends of humanity and the future. As if worries that the Green Party's support will not explode by a factor of ten, and that therefore it might make more sense to vote for the NDP or the Liberals to defeat the global warming denier and eviscerator of parliamentary democracy, is empty "blathering" meant only to disguise selfish partisanship. MoS has since recanted (after a fashion). By all means, vote Green. Maybe they do have the best platform with which to confront global warming. I have mixed feelings about Elizabeth May, but the preponderance of them are good actually.

Anyhow, what's going to happen? I have no clue. I predicted an uprising against harper. Indeed, I tried to organize one. Alas, alack! I did not anticipate how supine Canadians would be in the face of blatant contempt for their democratic institutions.

So, I make no predictions here. I will devote the bulk of my efforts to working for Linda McQuaig's campaign as an NDP candidate here in Toronto.

All I can say is that harper is working from a position of weakness. he will do all he can to ensure that he can hide in a bubble of amateurish propaganda, like the coward he is. All sides should attack him mercilessly. But whatever. What can I do? I'm just one guy.
I have always found the idea of a "sexy" walking corpse to  be thoroughly repugnant.

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