Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Globe & Mail March 23rd

John Ibbitson: "If the U.S. can set its mind to curbing health-care costs and having a public system, why can't we?"

"Blah, blah, blah, ... Canada and the US both have problems. Blah, blah, ... health-care is eating up a bigger portion of provincial budgets ... I'm not mentioning that provinces have been slashing spending everywhere else ... blah, blah, ... a report from the Fraser Institute ..."

... And that's where I stopped reading that one.

Marcus Gee: ...

... Sorry Marcus!

Margaret Wente: "Rancorous realities of Obamacare"

... And what would YOU know about the subject? I'll pass, thanks.

Tom fuckin' Flanagan: "Going beyond the Indian Act."

... Yeah right. As if I need to indulge a racist rant with my morning coffee.

So much wasted newsprint and ink.


Cliff said...

Ibbitson helpfully cited the Fraser Institute by paragraph six, making it clear that everything preceding and following that mention can safely be disregarded as having any relevance to the real world.

thwap said...

Yeah, at least you didn't have to wait until you went to A6 (or whatever) to find out you were completely wasting your time.

Cliff said...

I did actually read it all the way through (twisted masochistic impulse I guess.) credit where credit is due for including raising taxes in the possible solutions while dismissing it as an option instantly and failing to point out that that's the whole issue.

We don't have a healthcare spending crisis, we have a revenue collection crisis. Healthcare costs have stayed almost completely a static straight line when measured as a percentage of GDP. Measuring healthcare costs as a percentage of budgets disregards the issue of whether the government producing the budget is engaging in responsible revenue collection or not.

Canadians have repeatedly, and in great numbers signaled that we are prepared to pay more taxes to protect and expand public healthcare. That little fact doesn't fit with the neolib consensus at the Globe though, so...

thwap said...

It's called "hackery." Ibbitson is a hack. The Fraser Institute are hacks. Fuck 'em.

Patrick Ross said...
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thwap said...


While I'm at present more touched than creeped-out by your desperate attempts to be my friend, I must tell you that the desire is not reciprocated.

As well, I banned your ugly ass for reasons you ought to be well aware of, and I delete your comments without reading them.