Thursday, March 4, 2010

The monster Goes Back to Work

So, let's see now, he's demonstrated cynical contempt for his own system of government, OUR system of government (by calling the proposed Liberal-NDP coalition a "coup"). He's demonstrated inarguable hypocrisy because he had intimated forming a coalition/coup himself when he was Leader of the Opposition. No "statesman," harper fomented regional animosity to save his own puffy skin during the Coalition Crisis. Then, when Michael Ignatieff stupidly and petulantly threatened the harpercon government last August, harper relied upon the dreaded "socialists and separatists" to prop-up his revolting government.

Then, in case people aren't really paying attention, in the face of Parliamentary Committee testimony that he deliberately turned a blind eye to torture (a WAR CRIME) harper prorogued Parliament for the second time after just slightly over a year.

But now, let's pretend that this un-Canadian piece-o-shit's "budget" is something we're supposed to reflect seriously on. Let's consider debating and negotiating and compromising with this monstrosity.

In part of his cowardly avoidance of responsibility for his possible war crimes, harper continues to defy Parliament's demands for information on Afghan prisoner policies and responses. This is contempt. And Michael Ignatieff bleats out that he doesn't want harper's contempt of Parliament to escalate into a constitutional crisis! It already is you dumb-fuck!!!

All of the MPs that decide to go along with this travesty, this abomination, they really should think about what they're doing.

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