Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Might Be My Post For the Day

It's not a bad use of a few minutes. Check out the bopping audience! (Although today they'd probably all be ignoring him or shouting over him, not even bothering to applaud at the end of each song.)


trog69 said...

Aw geez, what a rip-off. You know, some of us are retired, and require much more in depth coverage of our environs. We have the time to waste, and we demand that you spend more time wasting it for us! [Shakes fist at clouds]

thwap said...

Hey trog69!

I was worried about you. Unfortunately, I am not retired. Can't wait for that.

Although i might become unemployed and destitute in a couple of months!

I've got some time-wasting offerings in the works, but these things take time.