Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Whole Stupid Little "Dosting" Thing

Maybe harper was trying to pretend he was sensitive to women's rights.


Maybe harper was trying to pretend that he was responsive to public opinion.


Maybe harper now gets to say that Canadians don't go in for "political correctness."


harper didn't tell his cabinet about his plan until a couple of hours before the Throne Speech.


If this whole thing really was a genuine attempt to pretend to be a sensitive guy (as opposed to a cynical diversion or a calculated attempt to demonstrate Canadians' love for "tradition") that instead blew-up in harper's face ... his cabinet must be thinking: "My god, but he's an idiot. I'd work to get rid of him but I'm even more stupid than he is!"


Anonymous said...

Your questions are valid. Unfortunately where critical thought is concerned it would appear that most Canadians are fast becoming incapable of the exercise.

Judging from the public reactions to the dime store psychological ploys via trial balloon this government continuously employs we are living in a nation of malleable reactionary consumer zombies.
In general, the impression is that people care more about hockey scores and the perception of the tyranny of "political correctness" than they do about human rights, basic dignity and a viable comprehension of the workings of the nation at home and abroad.

These dark days for Canada seem to have become the "new normal" when people will trade a few extra dollars in superficial tax cuts (which will quickly be clawed back through surreptitious means) for their rudimentary perspicacity where the machinations of the corporatist elite are concerned.

So relax, have a "timmys" and settle down in front of the Tee Vee to watch the game while your brains dribble out of your nose and onto your ever expanding gut. Join Usssssss.

thwap said...

Too true. As I said, the possibility that harper was using this as a demonstration of the reactionary mentality of most Canadians makes the whole thing a little ominous.

Our only consolation this time is that as a whole the exercise seems to have only exposed him as an idiot.