Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybe Not ...

A few days ago I typed that it was possible to defeat the harpercons in an election based on harper's blatant contempt for Canadian values and our system of government. But after the keystone kops impression the Liberals performed while trying to trash harper for his revolting exclusion of family planning from women's health spending in developing countries, I'm not so sure.

But have no fear! Apparently Ignatieff is embarking on a sweeping consultation process with the Liberal Party faithful. It'll take a while but I'm sure Ignatieff the academic will find the whole exchange of ideas engaging and exciting.

Then, after all the talking is finished, the grassroots consulted, the fine details worked out in the policy proposals, the Liberal Party, led by Ignatieff or someone else, can win an election with 'em and then promptly toss the whole thing into the garbage-bin a-la the Redbook.


no_blah_blah_blah said...

The failure of the reproductive rights motion really highlights the question of what the Liberal Party stands for.

That, and the obvious (and increasingly embarrassing) incompetence and internal divisions of the Liberals. I know that the Liberals formed the government for over a decade and they're somehow still not used to being the Official Opposition, but seriously... it can't possibly be that hard.

thwap said...

You know, considering it's his full-time job, and not some blogging that he does in his spare time, Ignatieff ought to have a better handle on things.