Monday, March 15, 2010

In Denial

A lot to do today. But to post for today I direct you to this post from Canadian Cynic. He's pointing out the level of stupidity regarding right-wingers' responses to the Edmonton white-supremacist who shot-up the car dealership. You can read it it all for yourselves (whoever you might be), but I have to comment about the screen-shot CC took from the white-supremacist ("White Pride - World Wide") discussion board "Stormfront."

It seems that "Stormfront" discussion board member "AngryGoy," like many right-wingers, takes issue with the term "racist." The shooter, 55-year-old David Burns, was described by co-workers as a white supremacist. (He did sport a swastika tattoo!) "AngryGoy" responds to the affair thusly:

"Alleged 'racist' goes on shooting rampage at Edmonton cardealership."

It boggles the mind doesn't it? A white supremacist hesitant to wear the "racist" label! Buddy, you're a racist. "Race" is important to you. You think your "race" is supreme --- hence the name "white supremacist." Own it you gutless, insanely stupid fuck-head!!!!

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