Friday, June 21, 2013

A New Direction?

There's a question mark there not because I'm asking anyone's opinion, but only whether I'm too distracted and lazy and sloppy to stick to it. But, anyway, ... I think instead of having this blog serve as a source of criticism of the system and an occasional call to arms for the left, what with my criticism being useless and the left's idea of "resistance" appearing to be useless rallies and online carping.

Instead, I thought that I'd make this blog a place to reflect about the reasons why the left succeeded at one time and why we fail today. I'll also be attempting to write more descriptive-predictive things about the world economy. I used to have a far more detailed grasp of the way things work than I do now.

How exciting ...


Purple library guy said...

There are also places where the left is succeeding today. You could look for lessons in what the people of Venezuela are doing, or Bolivia, or potentially Greece if Syriza manage to win the next election.
There's co-operative factories in Argentina (and even a couple in North America, I understand).

thwap said...


I'm really more interested in analyzing our own failures.

Canada could have been an example of a firstworld people reclaiming their democracy, and instructed the beleaguered denizens of the USA.

Unless and until people in the powerful countries get their act together, the victories of people in the countries you mentioned are precarious, and ever threatened by imperialist armies and economic policies.