Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Newspapers Routinely Slander Politicians ...

In Right-Wing-World it is simply a given that a newspaper with a vendetta against a hero of the people will invent scandalous accusations, of, say, the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack cocaine with gangsters, just to pick on him and be mean and try to destroy him to protect their union-buddies and the whole tax and spend agenda.

Yes sirreee. Happens all the time. Are you surprised? Nothing those lefties do can surprise me anymore.

Oh my god. Is anyone going to be able to stop these absolute cretins???? Would anything ever convince these shit-for-brains that their heroes are all idiots and scumbags?

Sadly, the world they think they live in is becoming our world. Because these morons and their heroes are in power and we have to live with all their insane delusions.

Then I think about all the intelligent, decent, progressive people who are willing to give Barack Obama a pass on his whole murder operation and using the scraps of the US Constitution that remain after bush II used it for toilet paper and just setting them on fire.

And I decide, to hell with it. I'm going to roll another joint.

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