Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Radiation in Space

NASA's Mars Rover (or whatever) has done some studies or some such. The gist of it all is that there's so much radiation in space on the way over and then hitting the surface of Mars itself, that any human beings sent on a mission to Mars would die of cancer eventually. We just can't give them enough shielding.

The article says that it's Earth's magnetic field and not its atmosphere that protects us from radiation from solar flares and what-not. But still, ... when you think about how harsh the universe is, ... how fragile we are, ... and think about what a thin film of gases protects us from annihilation, ... the stammering idiots and their hooting and guffawing about how environmentalism is evil totalitarian nonsense and how absolutely nothing must bar the progress of the magical God-derived system of capitalism, ... it's really quite sickening.

Watch this video. (The graphics are beautiful.):


Owen Gray said...

Ours is a fragile existence, thwap. Only fools refuse to acknowledge that.

thwap said...

Lotsa fools around nowadays.