Thursday, June 6, 2013

Democracy Decays ... whatev's

Anti-democratic sleaze-ball Dalton McGuinty presided over the deliberate deletion of government emails that detailed the costs of cancelling the gas plants and what the government knew about it. This deliberate cover-up of public information, this destruction of public information, should have been a criminal offense. But accountability has never been a pressing concern for our capitalist quasi-democracy.

The whole Liberal gas plant fiasco stinks to high heavens, but the only people who seem really fired-up about it are the hypocritical shit-heads who support the Ontario PC's and who think the imbecilic Tim Hudak and his retrograde policies are the answer to the province's woes.

Meanwhile, incompetent ass-wipe Peter MacKay used the DND's National Investigation Service to track a "leak" that revealed Canada's participation in a maritime training exercise with the US called "RIMPAC." Even though the source for the information that the preening dullard read already states (four times) that its information came from a Pentagon press release, MacKay still turned it over to the NIS who took a month to find this out.

If only MacKay had been concerned enough about the leak of the Colvin emails as he is about stupid shit like this?

Finally, the cracker Ford brothers in Toronto lashed out at Toronto City Councillor Jaye Robinson of hypocrisy for skipping out on a meeting forcing it to end for lack of quorum. Robinson had criticized Rob Ford for being so lazy, stupid and irresponsible, that he allowed his crack cocaine and drinking and all the feuding and fighting of his dysfunctional existence to interfere with his duties as mayor. That's why, when Robinson stayed home with a chest infection, Doug ("the doofus") Ford, lied his fat-ass off and said the meeting was cancelled when it clearly wasn't.

Because he's a shit-for-brains almost as much as his repulsive, pathetic brother. The sick thing is that the intellectual failures who vote for this scum are going to take the comments of a former Ford ally as just one more part of the vast conspiracy against their idiotic hero.

This is the level our democracy has sunk to. And it's worse but I'm done typing today.

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