Friday, June 28, 2013

Nauseating Spectacles

Dalton McGuinty testifying about his scuzzery. "This is a partisan circus."

Listen fuck-face; YES! The Hudak-PC's are a bunch of hypocrites. You STILL wasted almost a billion dollars cancelling gas plant contracts that the ONDP told you not to start in the first place. You then illegally deleted all the records of the decision making process to spend ONE BILLION dollars of OUR money to benefit your stupid party and then you demonstrated contempt to the legislature when the majority of the people's representatives demanded to know how much this all cost them.

Fuck you! You lousy piece of shit. Your only saving graces are that you're too stupid to come up with such tactics on your own. You had to wait and watch stephen harper do it first. All of it. Finally, it's clear you lack the mental wherewithal to grasp the magnitude of your anti-democratic behaviour.


Peter MacKay who says he wants to continue as Defence Minister. It's obvious that blunder-boy hasn't cemented any employment contracts with military contractors yet. Anyway, he likes jerking-off to the idea of wounded and maimed CF troops suffering as they're unable to access medical care for the injuries they received on his and stephen harper's mad-fool crusades.

Finally, ... I invite this utter creep to my dinner table. Well, more like he shows up whenever I'm hosting a party. He'll snicker about how he'd like to rape the attendees or he'll launch into a round of Holocaust denial or just some really vicious racist "jokes."

But it would be silly to ban him from my table. I just ignore him. Plus, we must welcome a diversity of viewpoints in our own fucking houses, and blah, blah, blah.

I am, of course, referring to krgythnsf-kareaf, or "KZ" at Dr. Dawg's place. In this case, a discussion about police brutality.

Ban the mother-fucking trolls.

Oh yeah; before I forget: Barack Obama lecturing anybody about anything to do with his totalitarian spying program. God, I hate that sanctimonious asshole. He's possibly worse than Tony Blair and that, of course, is saying something.

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