Sunday, June 16, 2013

Piece of Shit

Canadians did not have proper respect for their democracy. And so they elected cretins and allowed themselves to be fleeced. Some of us went through the futility of ceremonial protests.

And trolls show up here and snicker and giggle like the demented shit-stains that they are.


Dana said...

Could not agree more.

thwap said...

I tried to wake some people up. I had a plan to actually fight back, rather than chant pointlessly. Alas; too many mediocrities who would rather stick with the familiar, however useless.

The Ancient Hippie ***** said...

Don't give up, thwap. There are a multitude of us out here, and we are pissed. I thought Mulroney was bad, but this clown is scary. Bring on the elections, otherwise we're going to have to take it to the barricades. What were Canadians thinking?

thwap said...

Ancient Hippie,

There are multitudes, but nobody is going to organize them effectively.

The 2015 elections might just as well be lost by the non-anti-democracy parties as won by them.

And taking to the barricades is just not going to happen.

We are the saddest sacks of shit in the world and we achieve nothing.