Saturday, June 15, 2013

Don't Blame the Shlubs. Blame the Left Leadership

My view on ordinary apolitical Canadians is that I don't blame them for not having taken to the streets to take down the fraudulently empowered stephen harper. How was that supposed to have happened? At 3pm, June 2012, each individual apolitical ordinary Canadian is simultaneously struck by visceral disgust with the harpercons' systematic dismantling of their democracy and they all go out into the streets, in Toronto, in Montreal, in Timmins, in Saskatoon, etc., ... and then what?

No. I blame the politically active progressives and their institutions and leaders. If those millions of ordinary Canadians had taken to the streets, what would we have done with them? We would have taken them all to City Hall, or a provincial legislature, or Parliament Hill or whatever, and gotten everyone to chant for a few hours before we'd sent them home after having told them they'd successfully "sent a message" to stephen harper. The more ambitious amongst us would have insisted that people stay at the protest site and stand around and complain about the present and speculate idly about the future.

And if, someone from the crowd had suggested actually taking steps to genuinely DO SOMETHING, the leadership would have gone silent and stared stupidly at that person.


Owen Gray said...

Until progressives learn to work together, thwap, Stephen Harper will be in the cat bird seat.

thwap said...

Yeah. But it's more than just "working together." It's actually doing something different from all the failed efforts that have happened when we worked together in the past. And Hell will freeze over before that happens.

For my part, I've joined the shlubs. I'll bloviate on the internet to express my frustration, but I'm not going to do much else for some preening lefty leader to crow about.