Monday, November 11, 2013

How Is It Supposed To Work?

I won't ask the Liberals. They're clueless. "Compassionate Capitalism" or some sort of nonsense. In their language, that means slashing services for the poor in order to afford their tax-cuts for the rich "come hell or high water." Of course, the rich are supposed to "create jobs" with their tax savings, but that's just a religious mantra, never explained.

I won't ask the social democrats because they're too busy turning themselves into stupid liberals.

So, I ask the radicals: How are your protests supposed to change anything? Some of you even believe we live in a total sham democracy. That our rulers don't even pretend to listen to us. So what's the point of protesting then? To let the sheeple know what you're about? As if that matters.

It boggles the mind really. The complete and total lack of a coherent strategic analysis on the part of the Left. Complete and total.


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Purple library guy said...

Thwap, if you want to make a difference, move to Latin America. If you want to win, go to Venezuela. If you want to struggle with a chance of winning, try one of the places where there's some progress but it's hard to say what might happen, like Argentina or Brazil. If the world changes it will start from there.

If you're a bit more audacious, go to Spain or Greece and fight austerity with Syriza etc.

Canada is the place change will reach last, probably slower even than the US itself. As the old order crumbles across the globe, we'll be largely unaware of the news. I don't think radicals can do much here except on a very local basis, trying to build little enclaves less affected by the cold neoliberal winds and gradually grow and connect them.