Friday, November 8, 2013

So, My Boss Likes Rob Ford

Tells me that after he buys me lunch and news about the drunken buffoon comes on the radio. He likes the job he's doing so far. Mistakes the St. Clair streetcar line for LRTs. Thinks the cost overruns during construction were caused by ... ? (They were actually caused by lawsuits brought about by people opposed to public transit in the first place.)

Ford got the Toronto unions to sign a four-year deal that was tough on them because, at the start of his term he seemed incredibly popular while they weren't, and they knew he was a maniac who would gladly provoke a strike.

We should have a left-wing mayor try that tactic with a powerful right-wing group.

But Ford's whole budgeting is based on total delusion. He's wasted $1.1 billion on the public transit file. He continues to destroy public housing while hypocritically wailing about rotten living conditions.

I do believe though, that if Rob Ford was a black populist, like some of those high-level black Republicans, ... that if a black Rob Ford smoked crack with gangsters, they'd forgive that too. But if a pseudo-progressive black mayor smoked crack, they be calling for blood. (Whereas we really just want this embarrassing incompetent to resign.)

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