Sunday, November 10, 2013

Political Loyalty

Ford Nation continues to love their boy. Of course, the same thing holds true for the party faithful and stephen harper. But it ain't just a conservative thing. Look at the supposedly progressive types who still praise the record of the disgusting Dalton McGuinty! Or the pathetic rationalizations of Obama supporters! (If you google "obamabots" you'll get too many links from even more pathetic repugnicans who wanted to be part of a human centipede with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to be able to find a sane critique of Obama.)

I think the reasons for this loyalty above sanity or decency isn't so much partisanship as it is human stupidity. The same reason the entire Canadian left was incapable of rising to the challenge of stephen harper.

We, as a species, are unfit for survival. We made a pretty impressive showing when you think about our rivals on this planet. But we've created more problems than we can now solve and this pathetic loyalty above our values is a symptom of our incapacity.


Purple library guy said...

For better or worse, the problems we've made that we can't solve are not going to make us extinct. Bring down civilization as we know it, not unlikely. Cause massive die-back, certainly. Extinct? Nah. No matter how tattered we make the food chain, there ain't nothin' out there can beat us for the spot on top of it. Whether we deserve it or not.

thwap said...


I suppose. Though the distinction is one I'm not too excited about.