Friday, November 22, 2013


Gawd, but Rob Ford's stupidity and hypocrisy, .... his total lack of shame, ... his bullshit apologies, .... it's like as if all the mental sludge of the "Blogging Tories" ooozed out of their brains and congealed into this rancid parody.

And stephen harper's response o his own self-inflicted disaster betrays the man's innate cowardice, selfishness and sleaze. T'would appear that Duffy has destroyed him. In denial, harper the pathetic imbecile, thinks he can throw Nigel Wright under the bus. harper is a dead man walking though. he's implicated and his months and months of lying are all public record.

Finally, Peter Mansbridge; the scumbag's softball interview with the brothers Ford doesn't surprise me. This is the dunce who sat there chatting with harper about how Canadians were too stupid to grasp the genius of harper's Afghanistan policy. He's just a tool.

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