Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thinking Big ...

I was recently told that my hopes n' dreams failed because my plans were too grandiose. I should think about smaller-scale things and do what's within my own personal capacity.

1. I see "smaller-scale things" as either being useless protests about some sort of recent elite atrocities, or as an attempt to mitigate the symptoms of a disease for which I have the cure.

2. I never, ever thought that I could accomplish anything on my own. My delusion was that many people (especially the left-wing big-wigs who are, evidently, bereft of ideas) would hear what I had to say, and either show me where I was a complete fucking bone-head who forgot something obvious which rendered all his schemes worthless, or, better, decide that what I proposed made sense and they would all do what they could to spread the word and try to make it happen.

Alas! Everyone else is doing "1" and the people without ideas are too busy with "1" to even think about getting off their hamster wheels.


Anonymous said...

"Too grandiose" is the phrase that small-minded, fearful, fully indoctrinated "sheeple" use to make sure you don't climb any higher or shine any brighter than they do.
Saulk, Edison, Curie and Henry Ford (not all nice people, admittedly) were all told their schemes were "too grandiose" and now look at how that turned out. It is symptomatic of the lower classes' "crabs in the bucket" syndrome. When one tries to climb out, the others immediately pull it back in. Any questions?

thwap said...

I don't know what it is. A lot of these people are quite articulate critics of the system, but futile gestures and endless criticism seems to be all they're capable of.