Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stupid & Shameless

That's about the size of it for your "conservative" political base. Soon, we'll find out that somewhere between 15 and 20 % of Torontonians are debased enough to say: "Sure, he beats his wife and fucks underage girls, and drives drunk, and sends his city-paid staff to run personal errands for him, oh yeah, and then there's that whole 'media-circus' about the crack smoking with the gangsters and stuff, ... but I think he's done a good job fiscally."

Or the Conservative Party delegates who came out of their last coven still believing in stephen harper, even though that asshole had, by that point, changed his story at least three times since the Senate scandal broke.

The shamelessness of Rob Ford, to stubbornly think he can carry on, even after his total hypocrisy on pretty much everything he claimed was important, ... that's the same stupidity and shamelessness of the US-repugnicans who dragged Clinton through the Lewinsky scandal, wherein the shape of the President's penis became a topic for public discussion, who then shrieked how it was an assault on the dignity of the office of the president to remark upon bush II's cretinism, and who now carry pictures of Obama with a bone through his nose.

These are the same types who let bush II shit on their Constitution but who are now patriots standing up to Obama's depredations.

But every time I write this shit, I think of the "progressive" partisans who turn a blind eye to Obama's stated belief that he is constitutionally empowered to kill them.

Ah, fuck it all.

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Anonymous said...

What about Maria Muldaur? Nobody ever gives her the credit she deserves! She had at least 2 hits, ya know! Men! So fatuous and fickle! :-P