Friday, January 3, 2014

It Won't Change. Unless ...

... unless we DO SOMETHING.

Do you understand this?

I'd like to read about genuine strategies for change when I go online. Not endless, pointless internet bitch festivals.

Nothing is going to change unless we DO SOMETHING.

Global warming is going to bring hell on earth inevitably. Do you believe this or not? If you do, ... what do you propose to do about it?

Join someone else's rally for an afternoon to "demand" change from governments in thrall to the oil industry? And if your "demands" aren't met after you all go home, then what?

Notice how, for all our anger and criticism and "Idle No More" and "Stop Harper" that stephen harper is still here and we've had zero-impact upon him. (his present problems which have in him hiding are of his own doing.)

If passively voting for Liberal shit-heads or NDP sell-outs doesn't work, what will?

If knocking over garbage cans and breaking windows to bring on police violence doesn't work, what will?

If peacefully marching chanting and listening to speeches for a couple of hours doesn't work, what will?

For fuck's sake people! Give me something to work with!


thwap said...

Someone named "anonymous" asked why I was attacking the left instead of just saying there was no hope.

i don't know what happened to that comment.

The truth is: I'm attacking the left because I still have hope. Which makes me an idiot.

ffd said...

If I were considering strategy, I would think up a range of protest activities varying in intensity, the way doctors have a "ladder" of drug treatment choices varying from mildest to strongest. I would concentrate on a narrow, clearly defined target if only because resources are limited.

Unfortunately people are compulsive talkers and encouraged to be so by this culture. A lot of scarce energy evaporates in talking.

Also the computer surveillance story which has been barely mentioned in Canada, suggests that more security on sites such as yours (and a lot of others) is essential. Most Canadians act as though the Snowden revelations have nothing to do with them.

thwap said...


I totally agree. Targets should be clearly defined and achievable. (Although given the lack of democracy in our society, our escalating tactics will probably end up with something disproportionately massive in order to gain the smallest concessions.

With regards to surveillance, I'm afraid any large organization by ordinary people is vulnerable to elite penetration. We have to act as if we're being watched all the time, since we essentially are, whether online or off.