Sunday, March 15, 2015

Changing the Culture Without Controlling the Media

It's frustrating when you want to have a conversation with your fellow citizens and they believe self-evidently absurd things. (This, I suppose, is the intention of slimy propagandists such as Ezra Levant, Kurt Schlicter, and the dead Andrew Breitbart, who, while they believe(d) in the nonsense they spewed to a frightening degree, are dimly aware that they're brazen liars.)

The movies, the television, the newspapers, the tv news, the business world, the marketers, the advertisers, the governments, ... they're all spewing a line that is in fundamental opposition to the things we believe.

We have to create our own culture, but we also have to communicate that culture on our own, to people outside of it. And having been ourselves formed by the culture we live in (but are opposed to) we share some of the language with those in thrall to the mainstream. We should research to how this shared language can be used in our favour.


Anonymous said...

We already know how to use the language. What we are lacking is the ability to get the message out publicly. When you have all the government controlled media (city, ctv, cbc, etc) refusing to air anything that is even remotely adverse to the harper regime, you have tough road to go down to get out anything remotely resembling the truth about the neo-fascistic, nazi-onalistic style of regime herr harper and his minions have set up here. If/when the herr harper regime pass the new terrist (see g.w.b. for that spelling--asshole still can't spell and isn't sober long enough to give a fuck)bill to "protect us" even mild dissent will gleefully be punished by the likes of the oppressive provincial police (o.p.p.) and the conservative mounted police (r.c.m.p.) who blindly serve their current oberguppenfeuhrer with such relish (see G20).
Other than that, things here on the home front are just spiffy!
heil harper!, heil harper!, heil harper!

thwap said...

So we go door-to-door. Make a concerted promise to talk with friends, family, neighbours.

Have our own events.

Find celebrities (however minor) to endorse our mesaage(s), or if there's already one basically onside, instead of shitting all over them for their short-comings, enlist them and take advantage of their mass appeal.

it's not hopeless.

What's hopeless is our inability to organize these actions.