Wednesday, March 25, 2015

harper Goes Completely Insane

The big guy has been losing weight. He's probably been throwing-up. I really think that harper is an almost hopeless situation politically, and he knows it. he's probably a nervous wreak. Worse than the stress of the first prorogation crisis, when he almost started crying in public. Not as bad as when he exposed himself as a craven, cringing coward during the attack at Parliament Hill, but that event still eats away at his insides and this situation is far more extended.

harper is the guy who thought it was a good idea to decorate a lobby in the Parliament Building with endless pictures of himself. This is a guy who thinks the taxpayer-funded propaganda shlop "24-7" makes him look cool, instead of a low-budget ego-maniac who nobody cares about. Look at how he preens and struts on the world stage! This lump of mediocrity sees himself as a "statesman." of historical significance.

This is a man who loves power. And the idea that this power is truly slipping away from him is crushing. Nausea-inducing. his hold on his caucus is based on his being able to deliver power to them. To give them the idea that they're imposing their imbecilic, retrograde "values" on the rest of the country, and, probably more importantly, giving them access to whatever corrupt favours they can give or receive based on their being in the government party.

So, how can he hold on to power when his sleep-walking economic policy can't deal with a drop in resource prices, when the trials of his various crony-appointees is going to disgrace him, and he really has nothing positive to show for all his years in office?

He's doubling down on his anti-Muslim hysteria. To galvanize the racist voters' base that he latched on to since the beginning of his career. But this is going to eventually disgust more and more Canadians, and some of them might be "independent" voters who might have voted for him. He'll whip-up hysteria about terrorism. But when he does that, any subsequent terrorism that occurs will appear all the more terrible and it will have happened under his watch. And there's a chance we might see a couple of these pin-prick attacks on us as a result of his last option; playing the war card.

At present, far too many Canadians are still drinking the GBWT kool-aid, and believe that not only is it a major threat, but the way to destroy it is to join yet another US-American "crusade" against them in the Middle East. Too many Canadians haven't figured out that the GBWT is a ruse to justify more military spending and oil-based foreign interventions. And too many Canadians haven't made the connection between the US military presence in the Middle East and the rise of fundamentalist terrorism. Or the connections between major US ally Saudi Arabia and these fundamentalist whack-jobs.

But wars have a way of spinning out of control. Anger against harper's anti-Muslim bigotry and his participation in military occupations of Muslim countries has been behind all the "Islamic terrorism" we've experienced lately. (I hesitate to call the tragic murders perpetrated by mentally-ill individuals who might have gotten help earlier if neo-liberal austerity policies hadn't gutted our health care system as "Islamic terrorism." And I don't know how to use the word "terrorism" since our shit-head justice minister Peter MacKay calls running over someone with a car "terrorism" but a mass-shooting at a mall by neo-nazis wouldn't be.) So, as I said, we might suffer more such terrorist attacks, and there's a good chance that a public kept in fever-pitch about this, and having been told that harper could "keep them safe" will respond badly and condemn him for failing to protect them.

But this is all he's got. So of course harper announces that he's determined to become a war criminal and will drag Canada into the crazy, fun-house mirror maze of the Syrian Civil War. Canada will, under the pretext of bombing ISIS/ISIL in Syria, also be targeting the resources of the Assad regime. All of our air-campaigns, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, have involved the bombing of civilian infrastructure, and the killing of civilians. Canada will now be expanding this to Syria.

That this is being announced by harper as if it's a done-deal, as if he needs neither the UN, nor the Canadian Parliament to give him this permission is outrageous and disgusting. At the same time as the Canadian Forces are entering the murky world of Kurdish and Shiite retaliation for the crimes of the Sunni ISIS/ISIL in Iraq, we'll find ourselves involved in the snake-pit of the various insane rebel factions and the monstrous Assad dictatorship in Syria, and our ludicrous defense minister Jason Kenney will be stammering like a mad-man against Russia's Putin in the Ukraine crisis.

harper has gone completely insane and he will drag Canada down into the abyss with him.


Purple library guy said...

The Assad dictatorship is actually a fairly typical, middle-of-the-road dictatorship. Not as nice as the dictatorship in Singapore, maybe. Well, as long as you don't do graffiti or spit out gum. But much nicer than some of the Latin American dictatorships installed by the Americans. And certainly far less vicious than, say, Saudi Arabia (this feeling that in the Middle East the regimes somehow don't count as dictatorships if they're hereditary never made much sense to me).

Up until the civil war it was like, you had your secret police grabbing people and spying on everyone, but not your actual death squads or widespread "disappearances". Nasty, but it could have been a good deal worse.

And of course, technically he's not a dictator any more; they had an election and voted him in right in the middle of the civil war, in what appears to have been a surprisingly free and fair process; masses of Syrians who had fled came back just to vote and then got the hell out again. Of course he got the support mainly because it was him or Al-Nusra, not because anyone liked him, but then I'd only vote for Thomas Mulcair because I loathe Stephen Harper so, you know, fair enough.

thwap said...


I did not know about that election.

Mubarak had his torture chambers and Hillary Clinton called him a family friend.

I should look up torture in Saudi Arabia (aside from public floggings and severing limbs).