Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So harper feared ISIS/ISIL's Lawyers After All?

Remember how harper got his team of nit-wits, thieves and sexual basket-cases to guffaw at his jokes about ISIS/ISIL's lawyers going after us for violating international law? (In response to a question from Thomas Mulcair about whether we'd explained our position on why we were supposedly justified in militarily attacking targets in Syria to the UN?) Haw-haw-haw!

Then harper turned around and went and asked the UN for permission (sort of).

That's why Mulcair called harper's answer "idiotic" at the time.

In other news, I tried to watch "Greenberg" last night.
I'd heard good things about it. It was about a crotchety misanthropic mentally unstable dude who ends up hanging-out with a younger crowd. Which is something I did. Obviously, the 40-something male lead will get the 20-something female love-interest. Then again, I was the 36-year old who got the 21-year old girlfriend.

But I found it implausible that a young woman would let a middle-aged guy start eating her out within minutes of being in her apartment. Even if she'd just come off a long-term relationship.

Especially if he was the brother of the father of the family she baby-sits for. Especially if she knew he'd just left a psychiatric institution. Especially if she knew he had nowhere else to live but his brother's house and was behaving like a leech.

I just couldn't get past that implausibility.

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