Thursday, March 5, 2015

Share Resource Revenues With First Nations

Busy day. Read this instead.
A key recommendation of a generally pro-industry report by a joint federal government and Assembly of First Nations panel will almost certainly languish on the back-burner, perhaps forever. 
The report comes from the Working Group on Natural Resource Development, which has both aboriginal and business membership.


greg said...

I haven't called in while. I've been digging into middle east stuff. It's complicated and at this point, hanging by a mental thread, I'm gonna say that possibly the region can take care of ISIS on their own, if they could get it together long enough to do it. they (the region) have the money, arms, and all the intelligence they need. Saudi Arabia can probably pick up the damn phone and say, "cut it out" I mean, who knows. They know eachother. They have alliances, complicated alliiances, People do business, ......Whatever.

thwap said...


Saudi Arabia has one of the world's best militaries. They could do it all on their own.

But those are their guys.

Apparently Iran is doing a good job of kicking them out of Iraq.

Those Sunni monarchies aren't even picking up the tab for the refugees they've created.

These guys are complete scum.

Like that harper guy in today's post.