Monday, March 2, 2015

for harper, No Time is a Good Time to Have an Election

I think he'll put it off as long as he can. Maybe oil prices will surge. Maybe a war will be declared and harper will join it and cancel the election. Maybe the Duffster will have a heart-attack. Maybe Patrick Brazeau will lose some weight and get back in shape and beat-up Justin Trudeau on the streets of Ottawa.

Or maybe (he can only hope!) there will be a horrible terrorist attack, killing several Canadians, and we'll all flock to harper (who let it happen) to "keep us safe"!

Or maybe another train will derail. Or another deadly listeriosis outbreak. Or a financial sector implosion!

I guess, in the final analysis, harper is a consistent coward. When such a creature has no good options, what he tends to do is keep his head down and hope for the best.


Owen Gray said...

I really don't know if he'll go early or bide his time, thwap. I do know he'll try to control every piece of information he can.

thwap said...


As I said; harper's a coward. An election is difficult. This one will be especially difficult and he's a mental wreck. he'll bide his time. Drag his power out as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

"...and we'll all flock to harper (who let it happen) to "keep us safe"!"

Been trying on some tin foil hats, have we?

thwap said...


If it makes lil' widdums feel better, I was referring to harper's incompetence in that hypothetical.

I do believe the harpercons are deliberately building the hysteria for political gain (which is bad enough), but I don't think they'd attempt such a crime, because they know they'd be caught if they did.

Anonymous said...

"because they know they'd be caught if they did."
And then the courts would find harpie culpable but that wouldn't change anything anymore than that asshole of a judge who, even though he ruled there was malfeasance in the robo-call conspiracy by the cons, would further rule that the stolen ridings as a direct result of the aforementioned calls were illegitimate results and therefore null and void. Nice deal, huh? Be found guilty but no consequences as long as you're a fucking CON.
Where do I sign up?

thwap said...

2nd, anonymous,

As I understand it, that judge was being asked to rule over whether fraud occurred, and (more importantly in terms of what he was being asked) whether the fraud changed the result of the elections in the selected ridings.

He actually made no finding as to who was responsible for the fraud and the Council of Canadians wasn't trying to prove that.

We needed a public inquiry for that, since it's pretty obvious that the highest levels of Elections Canada were on the take and their own investigation was complete bullshit.