Friday, March 6, 2015

Libertarian Dystopia

Here's an article from a guy who used to read (and like) Ayn Rand. He's not impressed with the results of her "objectivist" philosophy of selfishness as played-out in Honduras.
Society should not exist to make a few people fabulously wealthy while others starve.  Almost all humanity used to live this way, and we called it feudalism.  Many people want to go back to that sort of system, this time under the label of libertarian or “the untrammeled free market.”  The name is irrelevant because the results are the same.  In Honduras, I did not meet one person who had nice things to say about the government or how the country is run.  My takeaway from the trip is that living in a libertarian paradise satisfies only a few of the wealthiest citizens, while everyone else thinks it sucks.
Happy reading!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article.

There is no one size fits all libertarian. Many people who call themselves libertarian would agree with this author.