Monday, March 9, 2015

What a Shtty Person!

If you didn't read my take-down, yesterday, of US-American right-winger Kurt Schlicter (and judging from my stats, most of you didn't) you'd have read that Mr. Schlicter denies the following:
  • global warming
  • that the war on terror is bullshit
  • rape culture
  • racism
On top of all that, he says that feminism and "liberal" males are responsible for most sexual assaults, that all poor people are lazy scammers and that all "illegal" aliens should be deported.

You know, given the catastrophic consequences of global warming for subsequent generations of humanity, I probably shouldn't feel this way, but I have some understanding of Schlicter's hackery on the global warming front. The issue is complicated enough for his tiny brain, we've past the tipping-point but simpletons can still believe that we're just having a few extra warm days a year, and there's money to be made by shilling denialism for the fossil-fuels industry. At this point in time, it's still just barely possible to be a shameless denialist for mercenary reasons.

But to deny racism and sexism and rape culture??

In this day and age? With the DoJ report exposing massive, systemic racism in the "justice" system of Ferguson Missouri, this cracker wants to pretend there's no such thing as racism???

What a fucking klansman!

And to deny the existence of rape culture?

You have to wonder what's in it for him to pretend it isn't real.

To blame the poor for their problems when the banksters have been robbing people blind amid other signs of the class war that the wealthy are winning?

What a stupid liar!

And to be so willfully ignorant of the grim chances of his fellow human beings in the countries turned to shit by neo-liberalism?

I've got a lot to do today, so I didn't write something new and the reality of how truly loathsome and repulsive Kurt Schlicter is became more and more overwhelming as I reflected on my review of his "thinking."

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