Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Semi-Retirement

One time I posted that I wasn't going to blog as actively or about anything as much and people thought I was quitting cold turkey.

Apologies for that confusion.

Another time I was just reflecting on how I didn't give much of a fuck about anything anymore and people not only thought I was going to stop blogging, but that I might be contemplating suicide!

Big-time apologies for that confusion.

This time, since the fall of harper, I often don't feel like saying much of anything. Or, if I do, it will be to write under my own name and maybe get paid for it.

Who knows? Tomorrow it just might occur to me that spending a half-hour to an hour composing some unstructured rant for perhaps 100 people world-wide is a great source of personal fulfilment, a savvy use of the new digital communications age for political change, and finally, a sure-fire path to fame and riches. And then I'll blog like nobody's business!

But that's probably not going to happen. So, at the risk of sounding (once again) like an attention whore to my tens of fans, I say, once again, be prepared for light (or non-existent) blogging for the foreseeable future.


karen said...

Well, I hope you find personal fulfillment, political change and some fame (if that's what you want) and riches in whatever you do instead of blogging. I'll check back from time to time anyway. Take care!

thwap said...

Thanks Karen.

Owen Gray said...

I'll keep returning, thwap, knowing that you'll still offer opinions from time to time.

thwap said...

Thanks Owen.

Anonymous said...

"You'll be back!" (spoken with an Austrian accent)
Who you trying to kid. This stuff gets in your blood and you're good at it anyway, so, WHAT THE FUCK! Go have your R&R and we'll see ya then.

thwap said...

Ironic. I logged in to post something, and saw this.

But in all seriousness, I'll start writing under my own name more than I'll do anything here.

The post I'm about to write will self-evidently be an isolated incident.