Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Now I Know Why Peter MacKay Would Tolerate Nazi Teenagers ...

... shooting up a mall food court! Why that doofus refused to say those white supremacists were plotting terrorism!

First of all, as we learned from his C-51 testimony; calling white, right-wing terrorism "terror" would likely lead to subjecting such fine, upstanding, "old stock" Canadians to all the horrors of state oppression that brown people of all stripes, Muslims and First Nations are to be condemned to. Even worse, "old stock" Canadians could even find their citizenship taken away from them!!!

(This is fine treatment for "old stock" Canadians with the wrong political ideas. Like, say, white Canadians who hate corporate criminality and anti-democratic thuggery, and who fight back against those menaces as opposed to brave neo-Nazi fuckwads who beat-up on isolated minority groups.)

Peter MacKay can't put his own party's voting base at risk!
Here's a slippery slope: Why is terrorism so bad that we lose our citizenship but serial killers don't? Okay. Fine! Let's strip citizenship rights from nasty criminals to, and deport those who have citizenship elsewhere! Fuckin' A! But what about people who have no other citizenship who are criminals! Let's make them non-citizens, without the legal, political, human rights of citizens! Let's start to strip these rights willy-nilly, from anyone convicted of crimes against the state!

Let's have Guantanamo Bay right here!

What could go wrong? Surely you know that Canada is a "democracy" and the state only has your best interests (especially your "safety") at heart and would NEVER abuse these powers!!!!


Anonymous said...

Has anybody done a criminal background check on crosby? Foreign criminals aren't permitted into Canada if I remember correctly. We might be able to pack his malicious ass out of here today if somebody with the resources would bother to check!
Unrelated but I think mui importante!

thwap said...

Does he have a criminal record? It is more difficult for criminals to cross borders. But I don't know that it's impossible.

Lulymay said...

Gordo the Drunk crosses borders all the time. Apparently there are different laws regarding impaired driving in Hawaii and impaired driving in BC? or London, England?

thwap said...

No idea. Again, has Crosby been convicted of anything? I read two-thirds of a long Guardian article about him before getting bored and found nothing.