Thursday, October 1, 2015

And the Hypocritical, Self-Righteous Asshole Award Goes To ....


I've been going to MoS's blog fairly regularly since I posted this about him. I used to go because I admired his thinking, but now I've gone to look in the same sort of morbid way that people slow down to look at car accidents. I want to see how he'll disgrace himself with each new post about Mulcair and the NDP. Believe me, there have been several occasions when I was tempted to comment, either over there or here, but I restrained myself. Out of respect for past work I suppose.

That latest post of his about Mulcair isn't even the worst, but it is certainly the stupidest and the most hypocritical.
Harper's poll numbers are rebounding and so, in the full tradition of the Great Layton, Mulcair is focusing the NDP's efforts on attacking Trudeau.
I am not a fan of Tom Mulcair. I've been critical of Mulcair going after Trudeau. I genuinely want harper gone. Whether it's an NDP-led coalition or a Liberal-led coalition. And I despise the Liberal Party. I just believe that our parliamentary system is something to build on. There are limited controls over just how badly our elites can fuck us over when there's limited democracy, legislative oversight and some degree of respect for the law. My hatred of the Liberal Party is based on the argument that they're identical to the putrid US Democrats. Too many of their front-bench are pro-corporate, imperialist stooges. But I will vote for a Liberal to get rid of harper, because the Liberals have a better track record of not shitting all over the basic fundamentals of our pseudo-democracy.

But what's behind MoS's loathing of Mulcair and the NDP? That Mulcair has campaigned against Trudeau? Is it even a question in this partisan idiot's brain as to whether Trudeau has attacked Mulcair? Because he has. BOTH parties are guilty of this stupid bullshit. But MoS either wants to pretend that only Mulcair is the evil scorpion doing what scorpions do because he's deluded, or because he's a cynical, hypocritical, partisan hack.

Such transparent bullshit should be beneath him. But partisan sickness has devoured his brain.

What's that you say? MoS is not a Liberal. He's a "Disaffected Liberal"? He supports the Green Party of Canada. Because the environment is all-important, the Liberals under everyone since Martin have been disgusting and he couldn't take it anymore. As I said before though, you can take the boy out of the Liberal Party but you apparently can't take the Liberal Party out of the boy. Sure, he's a Greenie. But the Liberal Party of Canada is like an old girlfriend for whom he still has fond memories. (God help us all if he were still a Liberal supporter. Can you imagine his apoplectic rage against Mulcair targeting Trudeau then??? Thank the Lard that he's a Greenie!)

In a pathetic moment, MoS tries to dispel his own possible complicity in helping give stephen harper another seat in this close race for power.
How I cast my vote on October 19th is irrelevant, utterly inconsequential, especially in contrast to what Mulcair is doing to aid and abet Stephen Harper's bid to cling to power. 
You know, there are valid criticisms of strategic voting. 1. It's been twisted and abused to mean: "Vote only for our party." 2. It might not be effective. 3. It's a demeaning way to vote. We should vote for what we want, not against what we don't want. 4. That supporters of a third (or fourth) party might not vote for the leading anti-harperite before they'd vote for harper or any other candidate.

I could go on.

But one thing you can't deny is the math. You can't deny that in a race with a harpercon, where the harpercon has 30,000 votes, and the NDP has 29,600 votes, and the Liberals have 10,000 votes and the Greens have 401 votes, that the anti-harper opposition divided its votes and allowed the harpercon to win. That if they'd all voted for the one biggest contender, the harpercon would have lost. It's simple addition.

So, I'm sorry MoS, but while I'm happy that you no longer accuse those of us choosing to vote Liberal or NDP as being complete moral failures and, indeed, of being nazi slave owners, because of your deranged partisan bullshit, I (who would ordinarily grant you your right to vote for a Quixotic fourth party candidate with good grace) cannot excuse you if your self-righteous, self-centred choice ends up helping to allow a harpercon to win that seat.

You'll have to own your complicity with helping stephen harper advance to victory like all the rest of us pathetic shit-heads.
 It's what the NDP did to Martin. It's what they did to Ignatieff. And now it's Mulcair's turn to do the same goddamned thing to the Trudeau Liberals.
Fuck you, you psychopath.


And he sinks even lower into his own abyss. In response to a second poster who points out that Trudeau has also attacked Mulcair, the Mound of Sound fucking LIES and says:
Trudeau is attacking Harper. Mulcair is attacking Trudeau. One of these men is helping Harper. Sorry, Ben, but Trudeau's vote on C-51 doesn't bear on campaign tactics, especially not with Harper's fortunes rebounding. There's not one piece of legislation that Trudeau was instrumental in passing given Harper's majority.
If we hadn't seen this very sort of thing from the NDP in every election since Martin was ousted I might see this differently but probably not. However that's not what has happened and Stephen Harper has been the ultimate beneficiary first springboarding off Layton to come to power and then to majority.
Tiresome asshat "Scotian" pipes up too, blathering on about "dippers" but I can't be bothered to read the deluded, self-righteous, idiotic bullshit from that idiot anymore.

As I've said, I'm going to vote Liberal in my area. Because that's what a patriot, or, rather, someone who wants to improve his country and who puts his country before partisanship, will do. But I am sick almost unto fucking death of this rancid bullshit from Liberal partisan fucks.

Your great hero Paul Martin was a complete fucking asshole. He was venal scum, screwing the poor and benefiting the wealthy. He deserved to be defeated and he LOST the 2006 election because of his own miserable record and his own incompetence. I am so tired of your self-pitying bullshit about Layton and harper being buddies.

You're a fucking liar Mound of Sound. A shameless liar and a shameless hack.


Anonymous said...

MoS is probably now on the CON payroll as a paid troll trying to discredit Mulcair.
People will do a hell of a lot for their "15 minutes" and a little extra pecuniam (tax free, of course) thrown their way by a grateful party who has long been in the practice of greasing palms for a few extra votes or a bit of fatuous disinformation strategically disseminated amongst the bovine citizenry where it can do the most "good".
Enjoy your new job "mound".

thwap said...


Personally, I don't think so. He's comfortably retired from what appears to have been a successful legal career. I just think he's a partisan idiot.

But I've published your accusations because he deserves it after the vitriol he's unloaded on "dippers."

zoombats said...

Well said Thwap. I was wondering if you had noticed, back down the line, the comments about considering a vote for the NDP instead of the Greens. After all the sledging of "Dippers" and all the moral high ground crap it amazes me at the back peddling. After the smoke has cleared on Oct. 20th, there's going to be a lot of explaining to do.

thwap said...

I notice his complete blindness towards statements that the Libs have also attacked the NDP, thus sharing part of the blame.

It's a damn shame how MoS has deteriorated.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to MoS blog that much anymore. Has anyone ever tried to use the argument on him that he should vote Liberal or NDP to try and get Proportional Representation? If I were a Green Party supporter, I would think that would make sense since they're going to have a near impossible job breaking through under FPTP.

thwap said...

I think it has been mentioned and he's ignored it ...

Scotian said...

So I'm full of deluded self-righteous bullshit, eh? Thanks thwap, I'll remember you said that, you hyper partisan bitter POS wanker who clearly prefers to engage in profanity and insults instead of actual civil political disagreement. See I can do it too, I just see little value in doing so, which is why I write as I do instead of as you do.

Disagree with me all you want, but watch the personal insults there. I make it a point to avoid personalities as much as I can because it detracts from substance and is the sign of a weak argument/position. I not only declare what I believe but why I believe it, which is more than most seem to these days all across the political spectrum. I show my work, not because I feel self-righteous about it but because I was raised with the idea that you need to do more than declare your opinions, you need to show why you developed them in the first place and on what facts as well as reasoning you base them on.

I've made no secret of my increasing anger and bitterness towards the NDP and many of its partisans over the past decade, as you full well know. So it is no surprise we are in different camps on this. The difference between us though is I don't make it personal the way you clearly do, and I try to avoid personal invective instead of reveling in it, again as you prefer to do. Your way might feel good but it doesn't do anything accept win over those already in your camp already. My way, my way actually has the chance of making people think and change their positions. I'll take my way over yours when it comes to political discourse Every Single Time.

If I wanted to practice your way I'd already be more than halfway into being all that I fight against in our political culture's increasing debasement,corruption, and destruction. So fine, call me self righteous, deluded, full of idiotic bullshit, asshat, whatever. I learned way back in elementary school that sticks and stones may break my bones but names can only hurt me if I let them, and yours don't. They do make me sad though, not for me but for you, as well as leaving me pity you that you are so lost in this pool of bile that you so freely revel in. I am full of anger and rage against Harper and those that I see as having enabled him, but I don't let it dominate me the way you clearly do with yours.

I'm sure you will dismiss this as more of my self-righteous bullshit, assuming you allow it to be published/stand in the first place, but since you decided to smear me on the front page of your blog with your cheap shot insults I felt I was entitled to make at least one response.

thwap said...


That's probably one of the last things from you that I will publish. It was longer than I thought it would be. And I notice that you didn't address a single criticism of mine of the Mound's nauseating hypocrisy.

Trudeau and the Libs have been as guilty as targeting the NDP instead of harper as Mulcair and the NDP have been of attacking the Liberals instead of harper. MoS is either insanely deluded about this subject or blatantly lying.

Your argument fails on its own terms. You claim that you don't make things personal??? You know, aside from calling "dippers" liars, selfish, hypocrites and what else (I've honestly stopped reading your tirades in recent years) you have elevated the discussion haven't you.

Of course it's personal! I see no reason to pretend that it isn't! And you're as "guilty" as anyone else of making it so.

About the only thing you've said that has any merit is that I use profanities and potty language. Which is sort of my trademark, so who gives a fuck.

I'll say this: I will hold my nose and vote for a Liberal because harper's danger to Canadian democracy is that great. Just in this campaign alone I have decried both the Liberals' AND the NDP's stupid attacks on each other. Because I know who the greater enemy is and I act accordingly. Unlike some people. Like you and MoS for instance.

If you plan on replying to this, you have FOUR sentences with which to get to the fucking point and address the topic at hand. If after that amount of space it appears to be another empty, self-serving monologue, it will be deleted with the rest unread.

thwap said...


I just noticed you left another prissy whine-fest about me at MoS's!

You have the fucking gall to accuse me of rushing past argument to ad hominen smears when, from what I skimmed of your pomposity, you once again refuse to confront the central fact of my post and, therefore, of my disgustedness with you people.

Trudeau and the Liberals have attacked Mulcair and the NDP just as you accuse Mulcair and the NDP of attacking you guys.

That's it. That's the central point. That's the reality that you choose not to address, either out of delusion, cynicism or cowardice.

Instead of typing 5 dense paragraphs of windy self-justification, try addressing the point of the conversation.